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Dr. Amishi Jha is a professor of psychology at the University of Miami. She serves as the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience for the Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative, which she co-founded in 2010. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California–Davis and postdoctoral training at the Brain Imaging and Analysis Center at Duke University. Dr. Jha’s work has been featured at NATO, the World Economic Forum, and The Pentagon. She has received coverage in the The New York Times, NPR, TIME, Forbes and more.

Praise for PEAK MiND

The Jha Lab

In Amishi’s laboratory at the University of Miami, she uses functional MRI, electrophysiological recordings and behavioral analysis techniques to understand why our attention sometimes fails us, and if it can be trained for greater focus and less distractibility. She launched the first-ever study to offer mindfulness training tools to active duty military service members as they prepared for deployment. What she has discovered is that without intervention, attention is compromised, and attentional lapses increase. Yet, with mindfulness training, attention can be strengthened and protected.


Big Think

Our minds are hyper-taxed due to hyper-tasking. We need to slow down and allow ourselves to daydream if we want to improve our attention.

Brene Brown

I want you to pay attention and direct your flashlight right on this podcast—you’ll understand what that means after you listen to this episode.

Armchair Expert

Amishi joins the Armchair Expert to discuss “Peak Mind”, what the study of mindfulness actually is, and attentional rubbernecking.


Amishi Jha featured on Forbes magazine article ‘4 Steps To Improve Your Focus With Mindfulness’


Amishi Jha featured on CNN Health’s article about focusing on the present and taking a mindful approach


Dr. Amishi Jha

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5665 Ponce de Leon
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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